ICING Accessories


We have a wide range of quality & stylish bracelets by ICING Accessories. These stunningly embellished handcrafted stylish bracelets are perfect for updating your urban looks with a pop of colour.

Dress up any outfit with our bracelets embellished with decorative stone, beads and encrusted crystals in different shapes and colours.

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DUSK Jewelry


Look out for our July 2013 collection! Summer has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited. In anticipation of this joy, we have created a floral and foliage collection for this season – with a little inspiration from the full bloom of nature

By keeping the designs simple, the natural beauty of the semi-precious gemstones was emphasized. The sleek designs also added a touch of modernity, bringing a sense of freshness to semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

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Ashlyne’s Jewelry


This bold & statement ring features dramatic geometries, enhanced by contrasting 925 silver and soft satin finishes. An outstanding piece that will make a real statement at your event. Look out  for this design at Soon Lee @ Haji Lane.

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