Ashlyne’s Jewelry


Ashlyne’s Jewelry is a Singapore label created in 2010 by Mei & Jan. Ashlyne means Dream & it is almost dreamlike translating inspirations to beautiful art pieces.

This contemporary & statement jewelry line is created by a group of talented artisans from all over the world, carefully selected for their artistry and craftsmanship. Working with 18k gold & 925 silver, these timeless jewelry pieces convey the elegance and grace of their owners.

We hope that you are inspired by Ashlyne’s jewelry pieces to enjoy now and treasure forever.
Life is full of beauty. Dream it.

Ashlyne’s Jewelry Care

  • To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, avoid chemicals like hair spray and perfume
  • Always wipe your jewelries with a soft cloth after wearing and store them in airtight bags
  • Avoid soaking your jewelries in water as this can loosen the stone settings


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