Friday, June 05, 2020

DUSK Jewelry


DUSK Jewelry is all about encapsulating the beauty of nature through natural semi-precious gemstones. Each semi-precious gemstone is hand-picked for its vibrant and unique colour and the pieces are one of a kind.

Inspired by the different hues that descend the sky at sunset, DUSK Jewelry is created for the feminine woman in mind. By keeping the designs simple & sleek, this range adds a touch of modernity to gemstone jewelry.

Adorn these charming pieces as you wind down and let your style and radiance shine through.

DUSK Jewelry Care

  • All DUSK Jewelry earring hooks are made of 18k gold & 925 silver
  • To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, avoid chemicals like hair spray & perfume
  • Always wipe your jewelries with a soft cloth after wearing & store them in airtight bags
  • Avoid soaking your jewelries in water as this can loosen the stone settings


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