Friday, June 05, 2020

Our Story

The idea behind ICING Gifts started with our interest in unique gifts & accessories. Just like icing, a sweet coating for cakes & pastries, we wanted our hand-picked selections to be glazed with care & thoughtfulness.

Our first brand, ICING Accessories, consists of easy to match pieces that makes accessorizing fun & effortless. After a year of entrepreneurial adventure, Ashlyne’s Jewelry, a label that carries more dramatic & statement 18k gold and 925 silver jewelries was created.

Soon after, we realized we have even bigger dreams. Hence, DUSK Jewelry was borne. This semi-precious gemstone jewelry range is very close to our hearts as it is designed and handmade by us.

We will continue to bring you more pretty things; Beauty is fleeting & we hope to capture these creative works through ICING Gifts.

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